Dewa・Kondo Lab.

Our researches

Dewa group

Structure and Function of Biomolecular Assemblies

Biomolecules forms dynamic supramolecular assemblies to function in vivo, where component molecules work cooperatively. Understanding how they assemble and work provide basic concepts for constructing biomolecule-based nanodevices. We target two systems of biomolecular assemblies with lipid bilayer structures: (1) Supramolecular Assemblies of Photosynthetic Membrane Proteins that work as highly efficient light energy conversion systems in the primary photosynthetic events, (2) Synthetic polyamine-lipid conjugates for gene carriers

Kondo group

Molecular Assembly for Development of Biomolecular devices

In biological membrane, biomacromolecules play important roles such as electron transfer, ion transfer and energy production among other things. These biomolecules work with specific directions. Therefore, we are interested in molecular assembly onto a substrate to construct devices using these biomolecules’ functions. In our research group, membrane protein related to photochemical reactions are immobilized on various substrates, and their functions are evaluated by absorption spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, photocurrent measurement and photohydrogen production.



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Takehisa DEWA
19bldg. Room320+81-52-735-5144takedewa*

assistant Prof.

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Masaharu KONDO
19bldg. Room318+81-52-735-5160kondou.masaharu**=@)

Emeritus Prof.

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Mamoru NANGO
(Specially-Appointed Professor in Osaka City University)


Name Main Research
M2Kana SUGIYAMASynthesis and Evaluation of Polyamine Lipid–based Gene Carriers
Mikano MATSUOFunctional Analyses of Light–Harvesting/Reaction Center Complex (LH1-RC) in Artificial Systems
Koji MOMOTAConstruction of Multi-layered Lipid Bilayers containing Photosynthetic Antenna Complexes
Daiki MORIExtension of Light-Harvesting Activity of Photosynthetic Light-Harvesting Complex (LH2) in Lipid Bilayer Systems
M1Yoko KONDOExpression and Reconstitution of Transmembrane peptide for Photoinduced hydrogen production
Nobutaka TAKEDAFunctionalization of Light-Harvesting/Reaction Center Complex (LH1-RC Assembled on Electrodes)
Soichiro HAYASHIFunctionalization of “Thylakoid Membrane-Like” Stacked Planar Lipid Membranes Supported onto Solid Substrate
B4Akari GOTOControl of Assembly Structure of Photosynthetic Light-Harvesting Complex in Lipid Bilayer Environment
Haruka MATSUDAConstruction of Photoinduced hydrogen production using Photosynthetic Light-Harvesting Complex II
Yukino MIYACHISynthesis of Polyamine–Lipid Conjugates for Effective Gene Carriers
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