Yamashita Lab.

Professor  Keiji YAMASHITA

山下 啓司

Department of Life Science and Applied Chemistry
Graduate School of Engineering
Nagoya Institute of Technology

Room No.322,Bidg19
Gokiso-cho, Showa, Nagoya,466-8555 Japan

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NameMain Research
M2Yuma SUGITAAccording to the amino acid added to the preparation of high functionality and homogenized natural rubber
Fumika TAKASHIFunctionalization of Adsorbent by Prussian Blue by Immobilized to Stimuli-responsive gel
Shota NISHIMURAEvaluation of adsorption capacity and practicality of phosphate sheet adsorbent consisting of PVPy.
M1Hirotaka AWATAPreparation of solid electrolyte for lithium ion secondary battery using PEO having allyl group in side chain.
Tomoyuki UCHIOHigh Functionalization of Natural Rubber by Combining Cellulose / Silica Hybrid Gel.
Kouki KOBAYASHIRemoval of toxic substances and rare metal recovery from waste liquid and river using functional resin.
Yuki NAGASESynthesis of PVA-Silica Hybrid Gel and the Application as Additive for Ink-jet Paper and Food Packaging Paper.
B4Takeru ADACHIAddition of CNF-Silica hybrid gel to paper and its strength evaluation
Masumi SAKAKIBARASelective adsorption of various heavy metal ions by Imprint gel using PAAc gel
Moeri TAKADAEvaluation of adsorption ability of new phosphate adsorbent "Fe3+-(4-vinyl pyridine-co-acrylamide gel)”
Yuto FUNATOHigh functionalization by introducing hydrophilic group of gel ointment base using PEO having allyl group in side chain
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